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Simple Rules To Help You Compose A Winning College Essay

Although it can seem like a daunting task to compose a winning college paper, there are a number of rules you can utilize to ensure that you produce a wining paper that will acquire you high marks. The rules are simple to follow and once you implement them into your paper writing habits, you will experience sustained and continued success with your paper writing endeavors during college. You can easily find a good essay service and more tips just in a couple of clicks.


The plan is essential for your success in essay writing at college. The plan will act as your blueprint that you can refer to while you are writing your paper. This allows you to not waste valuable time while you are writing on thinking about concepts as you have already noted them down in your plan.

The best way to go about doing your plan is to write a brief sentence or two about the main points you will be making and what supporting evidence you will supplement with the main point.


Another great rule to follow, when composing your work, is to look at good samples similar to the topic you will be writing on. Looking at a sample can, just like your plan, give you a good guideline to follow. You will get a good idea of the type of analysis, structure and writing style expected of you to succeed in your paper.

To find the best available samples, you can ask your professor to provide you with an essay example or two, as they will have marked many essays throughout their time at college, and will have the best ones available to hand out to future students, as an example of a good piece of work.


The essay format is of utmost importance – the essay structure greatly aids your reader in understanding your work, and to be able to follow your writing. If you have a unorganized format that is not logical then your audience will have a tough time being able to decipher your work. Therefore, you should not let the outstanding content you produce go to waste by having a bad format that is unorganized. The following is a very clear format that we strongly recommend:

  • Introduction: Describe the topic you are going to be discussing during the course of the paper, as well as briefly touching upon what you will be doing in your paper. You will also make your thesis statement in the introduction.
  • Main Body: These paragraphs are the most vital to your success. Here, you will perform your analysis and research on the topic you have chosen to write about.
  • Conclusion: The conclusion is important as it gives your reader a summary of the paper and it is a chance for you to conclude whether or not your thesis statement has been satisfied during your work.

Following this essay outline will allow your reader to easily follow the complex arguments that students are tasked with making in college papers.


Many times during college you will be given the topic that your essay must be about, however this is not always the case. Quite frequently, you will be expected to choose a topic of your own choosing and this can be a tough obstacle for many students.

There are three main aspects to choosing your own topic that you must take into consideration. Firstly, the topic you choose must allow you to use up all, or most, of your word limit. In essence, you should have enough to talk about for the topic you have chosen.

Secondly, if you are composing a research essay, then you should be able to introduce plenty of sources into your work to satisfy the essay definition of a research paper. Thirdly, the topic you choose should be one that you have a vested interest in, as otherwise, you can find yourself not being bothered enough to produce work that showcases your true talent.

We hope that the essay help as outlined in this article, will be beneficial to you and that you have learned some vital tips that you can use to survive the grueling paper producing process in college.