Five Types Of Essay You Should To Know Well

During your time in academia, you will meet a variety of different essay types that you will be tasked with producing. However, there are some that will be recurring and you will meet many times, especially in high school and college. Due to the big impact they will make on your grades, you need to know how to do them well. If you are seeking an answer to the question of ‘who can write my essay and where to find essay introduction examples?’, then we have the best solution for you.

Research Paper

The research paper is perhaps the most common paper in college. The overarching aim of a research paper is to analyze a perspective or further your argument through the use of research, such as books, literature and articles.

The best way to go about an essay writing task pertaining to a research paper is through gathering high quality sources and producing an excellent analysis of these to further the viewpoint you are making.

An important part of a research paper is to present a viewpoint that is contrary to your own, and to also perform an analysis on this, using research to show why people hold this certain viewpoint. However, another part of your task is to show why you personally do not agree with such a view.

Persuasive Paper

As the name may suggest, a persuasive essay is about convincing the reader of your viewpoint. You need to build a logical argument for the viewpoint you are presenting through the use of facts and logic. This can be done, as in a research paper, through introduce research, but also through other means such as surveys and questionnaires. It is always wise to choose adequate essay writing topics when producing this type of writing.

Expository Paper

This type of paper deviates quite substantially from the other types of papers that we have discussed. In this type of paper you need to only present information for the reader using facts, statistics and examples. What this means is that you do not need to analyze or argue for a personal viewpoint.

The best type of papers that fall in this category are compare and contrast, cause and effect and ‘how to’ papers. Since the aim of the paper is to present information, writers should not reveal their emotions or opinions in regards to the topic they are writing about.

Descriptive Paper

The aim of a descriptive paper is to describe a place, person, object or a memory, using literary devices such as similes, metaphors, euphemism and personification. The overarching goal of the paper is to create a deeper meaning through the descriptive language the writer uses. The writer is tasked to describe things through colorful imagery and rhetorical devices, and the goal of the writing should be to evoke a reaction from the reader.

Narrative Paper

As the name may suggest, a narrative paper aims to tell a story to its reader. Most of the time, you will be talking about a real life experience about yourself, such as an important event, or achievement related to yourself. You should try to involve your reader as much as possible by using vivid imagery and language, and this will also force you to challenge yourself. Narrative papers are usually written in the first person.

For all these types of papers, we highly recommend that you use an essay checker before submitting your work, as this will greatly help in seeing whether or not you have met the main conditions of the type of essay you are supposed to produce. With this list of common papers, you should no longer be stuck when you receive a new writing task.