How To Become A Better Essay Writer In A Few Steps

If you are struggling at writing papers during college and want to put in the effort to become a better writer, then we have some great news for you – you can considerably improve your writing skills with a few simple steps. You will be surprised to learn that paper-writing technique plays as big a role in you success as the actual content of your work. For further information and an excellent admission essay service, please, read on the article.


Procrastination is probably one of the leading causes for students performing below par with writing their papers. Due to the technologically advanced world we live in, there are just too many distractions available to students, which makes them unable to fully concentrate on the task at hand.

To counter this widespread problem, we highly recommend that you get rid of any distractions when you commence your writing. This means that you disconnect your writing device from the Internet. This also means that you should collect and sort out your research prior to writing your work, as this will generally require an Internet connection.

Another common cause for distraction is mobile phones. Thus, we strongly recommend that you put your phone on silent and far away from you when you are writing an essay, so that you are not tempted by any noises coming from your phone.


Looking at an essay writing example, before you begin your own work, is an excellent way to become a better writer. With the sample in your mind, you will try to mimic the structure and writing style of the successful essay. Looking at many good samples will also give you an idea of the level of analysis that will be required of you to achieve success.


As an essay writer, editing will play a vital role in your road to become a better composer of college papers. Although editing may sound redundant or useless, this is far from the truth. You are sure to have made many grammatical and spelling mistakes during the course of your work, which can negatively impact your final mark and grade. Thus, we strongly recommend you to carefully go through your work once you have completed a draft.


Choosing an adequate topic for your paper is one of the essential essay writing skills needed to become a better writer. The topic you choose should allow you to use up most, if not all of the words allocated to you by your professor.

A good topic should also have a plethora of literature that you can incorporate to your paper for further analysis of the topic you have chosen. Another important aspect to keep in mind, when choosing a topic, is that you should select a topic that will keep you sufficiently interested during the process of writing your paper.

If you follow the essay writing techniques as detailed on this article, then you should become a far better writer than you currently are, without a doubt and experience a lot of success in college.