Six Effective Rules To Help You With Essay Structure

Paper structure is extremely important when composing your work, as it allows your reader and audience to be able to follow your writing well. Without a proper structure to aid your writing, you will find that it will be hard for both parties to deal with your writing. For you, it will be a tough task when you complete your paper and go back to edit and for your reader it will be a hassle in general to follow your main arguments and analysis. Here, we will discuss the six effective rules to help you with your structure. For further information on how to write papers online and structuring your work, we highly recommend you visit to learn the following tips.


Creating a plan will go a long way in helping you with your essay structure. A plan will layout a descriptive overview that you can change to make your work look more structured and logical.

With a plan, you will no longer need to think about when to introduce a certain topic or point during the course of your writing, and whether or not it will make sense to include them at a certain point, as this will all be solved when you make are making your plan. The best way to plan is to write a brief overview of what you will aim to write for every key point of your paper.


Consulting good essay examples is also extremely beneficial. A good sample will have a good structure, hence why it will be graded highly. When looking at samples, it is a good idea to pay special attention to the way the writer introduces points and how they transition them logically. The sample can effectively be used as an essay structure template.


The format of your writing is also extremely important, and adds greatly to your structure. We recommend the following format of your paper:

  • Introduction: This is the first paragraph, so you should carefully tell the reader what you will be talking about and make your thesis statement.
  • Main Body: The main body paragraphs are where you will write your crucial viewpoints.
  • Conclusion: The concluding paragraph evaluates the paper you have written and decides whether or not the thesis statement has been satisfied from the introduction.


Another important aspect to the structure of your work is the analysis you perform. Unfortunately, many students fall into the trap of describing things, as opposed to analyzing them, as is the aim of writing a paper.

Logical Flow

Another important point, that many students simply dismiss, is the logical flow of your paper. For example, if you have two related points, or two points you wish to compare, then it makes a lot of sense to write these next to each other, as opposed to apart from one another.

We hope that these tips on essay writing are helpful to you, and that you can use them to improve the current marks you are receiving for your college papers.