A Sample Essay About Friendship

Have you ever wondered what makes the bond of friendship so special? Is it the fun filled moments or the times of desperate need of a friend when you hit rock bottom? Friendship is a unique bond that adds beauty to life. What makes this bond special is the emotional support, inspiration and personal growth that comes out of a strong bond of friendship.

The Highs And Lows

When we take a look at emotional support, the bond of friendship helps one to get through the highs and lows of life. Life, as we all know it is a roller coaster, with certain high phases and certain low phases. Having a friend to confide in, to get empathy from is one of the major factors that help us get through this phenomenon of the universe called as life. When faced by the down side of life, having a friend, a shoulder to cry on, comes as a huge sigh of relief. Just the mere feeling of having someone who listens to you and offers a shoulder to cry on comes as a relief in the midst of the pain.

Moreover, when we take a look at the unique friendship bond between two people, this bond serves as a great source of inspiration. A friend is someone who always pushes you to go the extra mile. Whether it is academic success in terms of help to write essays, or moving on to greater career opportunities and job essay help and interview preparation, one of the greatest source of motivation to do better in life is the bond of friendship. Similarly, watching a friend succeed is a source of immense pleasure and serves as an inspiration. Therefore, the simple existence of a friend is a great motivating factor.

Moving on, friendship helps in growth and personality development of a person. As the famous idiom says, “A man is known by the company he keeps” suggests the importance and influence of friends, it is true that friends play an integral part in personality development. Whether it is long distance friendship or day to day friendship, the challenges faced in maintaining a strong bond contribute significantly to the personality development of a person. Similarly, the hurt felt at times by the loss of a close friend or by the changed behavior of a friend teaches one of the most important lessons of life: change is the only constant. In addition, as we grow up, the social circle of friend’s changes and the circle of friends have more diversity. This teaches one to appreciate the differences and respect the diversity in terms of people. Thus, all of this leads to personal growth of a person.

To conclude, friendship is a bond that lasts for a lifetime and impacts a person in various ways. Whether it is need of empathetic support or a need for inspiration or a major factor to help in personality development, a strong bond of friendship brings out the best of all the three aspects.