A Sample Of An Essay About Family Values

Have you ever wondered about the importance of family values? Why are the morals taught through family so important in life? Moral and ethical values are an integral part of the family system as they serve as a foundation, have an impact on making decisions and serve as a guide for future generations.

Family is a group of individuals linked together through blood. The common aspect of every member in the family is the blood that runs in the veins of each individual. Therefore, to establish a family system where each member is respected and the whole family works as one unit, it is essential to define family norms to be followed. Once a strong set of norms, cultural values, and family values have been laid down, they help to strengthen and support the foundation of a family. They serve as a support system for the family, whether it is support in financial terms as in through money, or support in academic terms as in to write essays, the values instill in each individual a sense of belonging, which in turn encourages each member of the family to help each other.

Family principles do not have to be present in writing like the rules of a book, rather they reside in the minds and conscience of each family member. Moreover, when it comes to making decisions, whether on an individual level or on a whole family level, the values have a significant impact on making the right decision. For example, if a family has a value of honesty in all walks of life, and a member has an option of committing fraud and earning large sums of money, the value of honesty remains in the individual’s conscience that guides them to the right decision.

In addition, when it comes to the future generations, the values set by those before them serve as a guide for them. A system has been established with a strong foundation using these values. Therefore, for the new generation, guidance is sought through the foundation of the family. For example, when it comes to the right way of raising children, the new parents look into the values and lifestyle of the ancestors and learn about the right way of raising a kid. Similarly, these values are passed on from one generation to another which strengthens the roots of the family tree.

To conclude, it can be seen that a strong set of family values is an essential part of not just the family but also the society. These values serve as groundwork for the family, effect the power of making right choices and serve as direction for the new generations in future. When it comes to an individual level, these values become embedded in the conscience of an individual and help to shape the personality. Similarly, the personality shaped by these values then contributes and makes an impact on the society.