A Captivating Example Of An Essay About Education

Have you ever wondered about the importance of the learning that takes place through a school system? Is it the knowledge from the books that last for a lifetime, or is it the experiences, gained through the education system, that make an impact on the individual? Some people say, the importance of education lies in the knowledge imparted through books, whereas some believe that the overall experience of getting education is what is important. Education is an integral part of the society as it promotes intellectual thinking, helps shape the personality of the youth and helps to create a stronger nation.

When it comes to intellectual thinking, the education system is designed in a way that encourages the students to think critically. Whether it is the British system of education or the American system, the structure of each system is supported by regular tests and quizzes which appear as a challenge to the young minds. Moreover, the analytical questions and answering them through essay writing also promote creativity. Similarly, conducting research, writing research papers along with essays encourage scholarly thinking.

Moving on, the importance of education is seen by the fact that education helps to shape the personality of an individual. The experiences gained in school contribute to personality development. Some people wonder how school life can contribute to personality development. The simple answer is, the experiences gained are what leads to development of the individuals’ personality. For example, participating in debate competitions or organizing events at school help students to gain confidence and teach them how to voice out their opinion. Moreover, the friends made during school have a significant impact as they not only teach one how to maintain social relationships but also the influence of friends and spending time with them contribute to development of personality traits of an individual.

When it comes to building a nation, analyzing the difference between world super powers and third world countries, a marked difference in the system of education is seen. It is true, that in order to build a nation, a strong education system serves as the basic foundation. A country with a strong education system produces competitive individuals. Once the foundation of a nation is strong, that is, the education system, it means that the people who come out of the system contribute to the development of the nation. For example, in third world developing countries, if the system of education is strong and standardized, it would mean more people are put into schools and given respectable jobs. Having a respectable job means less people beg on the streets and poverty rate reduces significantly.

To conclude, education is an essential part of the society as it encourages critical and logical thinking in individuals, helps to shape the personality of an individual and helps to strengthen the nation. Therefore, it can be seen that education is an integral part of not only the life of an individual but also a crucial part of the development of society.