A Brief Example Of An Essay About Love

Everyone at some point in their life may have had experienced a deep sense of attachment or closeness to another person or object. Many attribute this sensation to a commonly heard and known phenomenon called love. This particular concept of love surrounds the idea of how human beings as a part of their nature constantly tend to find connections all around themselves by associating feelings of compassion and kindness with other human beings, animals and even inanimate objects. This belief in love is so empowering that it enables one to not only pay more attention to his or her surrounding, admiring its beauty, but also helps one in finding happiness and contentment in little moments. This essay, unlike other essays, does not merely touch upon the concept of love, but also explores how the perception and intensity of love may differ amongst different people.

How to define love?

No universal, conclusive definition of love exists; the definition of love is based on a mutual consensus. Although, every one may attach different meanings to love: some may view it as a love of a mother for her child, whereas others may compare it to the love of Romeo and Juliet; there may also be many that may attach similar feelings to inanimate objects or sensations such as the love for money, fame or freedom. Therefore, one may find this one concept of love existing in different forms all around the world. Although love is a concept that is impossible to define, no matter how many poets and writers try to encompass it through their poetry or essay writing, it is still important to identify it in some manner.

There are a nonetheless numerous qualities that can be associated towards those who engage in the act of love. First is patience. As, many claim that the way of love is neither easy nor simple; it comes with numerous difficulties and hardships. Women during the three waves of feminism fought for their love of equal rights and freedom for several years; it took a lot of patience and endurance to finally change their social position both in the public and private sphere. In addition to this, a more understandable example could be of how two lovers have to stay apart for many years, bearing tolerantly separation before they meet again; this is a twenty-first century equivalent of long-distance relationships. Secondly, love is also incomplete without sacrifice; whether it is a mother sacrificing her share of food to fulfil the empty stomach of her children or a soldier sacrificing his life for the love of his country, sacrifice and love go together. Third comes compassion and forgiveness. Love is so powerful that it opens one’s heart to others by enabling one to carry out acts of kindness and tolerance towards other human beings. It could be as simple as helping someone cross the street or giving milk to a stray cat.

Therefore, one may love someone or something more than others, or may love two things at the same time, but with varying intensities. The reality, however, is that love exists in many forms and is so special and powerful that it can triumph all kinds of hate and evil.

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