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It is very easy to define yourself with the name you’ve been given, the date you were born or the place you reside in. The best essays do not focus on these things because they tell you very little about who a person truly is. I believe that personality traits better define a person compared to any other set of characteristics assigned to them, because while all those characteristics may be very similar, no two people are the same with respect to their personalities.

I am a responsible adult. While people my age all around me are off to enjoy life, I recognize my duties and while I do enjoy life, I realize that time is too precious to waste. It is partially because of the way I was raised, emphasized perhaps because I realized life is tough at a very young age. Nonetheless, I know what is expected of me, by my parents, teachers and the society and I do my best exceed these expectations.

Another trait define me would be sympathetic. This is a trait most of the younger generations are lacking; the ability to feel what others experience, particularly pain. Living as part of the privileged class in a Third World country has taught me to be sympathetic towards the needs of other people, and to give back whenever and where I can. Whether it’s working as a volunteer in social programs, donating to the various charity drives, or by helping out where ever I can. Sympathy has not made me weak, but has taught me humbleness and gratitude.

My parents are self-made people, who have always taught me and my siblings the value of hard work and encouraged us in all that we do. This has definitely made me hard working, helping me in accomplishing my goals in every activity I participate in. I learned the value of hard work the hard way, despite my parents’ constant advice to work hard and persistently. I was one of the lazy but smart kids in school who would not work hard until eventually I got a bad grade in one of my favorite classes, disappointing my favorite teacher. It was in that moment that I learned that it was only hard work that would make me successful in life, not just my intellect.

I would also describe myself as unusual. I am very different from my age fellows, and the people that surround me. I perceive the world a lot differently, looking at the bright side each day, while remembering the lessons from the day before. I believe that every day we get to live is a gift and has a purpose that should be fulfilled. It won’t be a “save the world” moment, but something that may make a difference on some else’s life.

This is all about who I am. I am not a name, or a face, but a combination of traits that my experiences have shaped me into today. These define who I am, and what I aspire to be.

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